Kupferquelle Resort

Within the resort you can relax and let us spoil you. Our huge pool invites you for a refreshing swim after a long drive.

Attractions / activities at a glance

Kupferquelle Resort finds itself amidst an especially rich area within Namibia – rich in resources like copper ore, but also rich in attractions and possible activities. Here you will find an overview on everything that is on offer:

  • Etosha National Park
  • Tsumeb museum
  • Arts & crafts centre
  • Cultural village
  • Bushmen cultural village in Tsintsabis
  • Lake Otjikoto
  • Hoba Meteorite
  • Baobab Tree
  • Lake Guinas
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Ghaub Caves
  • Gateway to Etosha

Most importantly Kupferquelle is situated close to the famous Etosha National Park. You can use Kupferquelle as base for day trips into the park or as a stop between the long drive from Windhoek to the park.

Attractions in Tsumeb

Tsumeb is a quaint town with about 15,000 inhabitants, with a lot to offer. The Tsumeb Museum for example is a must-visit for tourists who are interested in Namibian history or mining activities.

A vist to the Tsumeb Art & Crafts Centre is also worth it, as a variety of African artefacts are sold there and you can watch the artists while they are working.

Attractions around Tsumeb

A visit to the Bushmen cultural village in Tsintsabis, where the Hai||kom demonstrate their fascinating, traditional skills, promises to be very interesting.

You can also visit the Otjikoto Lake. The lake, which was formed when several caves collapsed, was used by the Germans in German South West Africa to drop their weapons into after their defeat during the First World War. Today the lake is a nice stop-over for visitors on the way to the Etosha National Park.

Another attraction in the vicinity is the Hoba Meteorite, the biggest meteorite ever found on earth. This nearly 60 ton meteorite can be visited on the farm Hoba, in the Otavi Mountains.

A visit to one of the biggest Baobab tree north of Tsumeb is also worthwhile. This sacred tree of the Hai|kom Bushmen poses a beautiful motive for photographs.

Further attractions are Lake Guinas, Dragon’s Breath and Ghaub caves.