Enjoy cultural tourism in Tsumeb

If you were planning to explore tourist activities in Tsumeb, your list would be incomplete without a visit to the Tsumeb Cultural Village, the Bushmen cultural village in Tsintsabis and Tsumeb’s Art and Craft Centre.

The capital town of the Oshikoto region in Northern Namibia, Tsumeb, is close to Etosha National Park and is often called Namibia’s garden town for its gorgeous jacaranda and flamboyant trees that line the streets.

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Today, let us take a cultural trip as we visit Tsumeb’s Cultural Village and Arts and Craft Centre for an insight into the lives of Bushmen communities, the enchanting local arts and crafts, and of course, to take home some souvenirs.

Tsumeb Cultural Village

Located in the southern outskirts just 3 kilometres from the town centre, the Tsumeb Cultural Village is a Norwegian-backed project. It is an open-air museum highlighting the history, lifestyle, culture and talent of the Namibian tribal communities. It houses traditional huts, the homesteads of Namibia’s ethnic communities, an information centre and a display of craft products. There is a large paved area where cultural performances are held. These are a prominent part of the annual Copper Festival in Tsumeb in October each year. There are plenty of local crafts for sale. The Cultural Village gives you a look into the rural lifestyle of Namibians and you can also join a guided tour to learn about the local traditional beliefs and cultural practices.

Tsumeb Arts and Crafts Centre

Tsumeb’s Arts and Crafts Centre is an educational and charitable trust where Namibians develop, promote and market their arts and crafts. Here you can see the creative process of artisans at work with basketry, sewing, pottery, fabric design, woodcarving, fence making, brick making, and more. The Centre also offers classes for making crafts and childrens’ art studies. At the open-air market, artists sell their work and this includes Caprivian woodwork, San arts, Owambo and San basketry, European-Namibian leatherwork, karakul weavings, and other traditional northern Namibian arts and crafts. You will also find wood and bead animal figures, painted fabrics, bowls, jewellery and other folk art.

Bushmen cultural village

About 65 kilometres north of Tsumeb, this charming village near Tsintsabis is home to the Hei/om Bushmen, the former habitants of Etosha and its surrounding area, and the Kung Bushmen. This historic living village demonstrates the Bushmen’s lifestyle. You may also get an opportunity to participate in cultural activities with the Bushman families after dinner and see healing ceremonies.

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