Extreme sports to do while in Namibia

Extreme sports are recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear. Namibia is no stranger to the world of extreme sports, and … Read More

Minerology in Tsumeb

The name ‘Kupferquelle’ came from a time when Namibia was under German rule. The name means “copper fountain,” which refers to the rich copper deposits of the Namibian mine town, Tsumeb. Tsumeb belongs to the world’s most prolific mineralogical sites, … Read More

Why a weekend of golf is just what the doctor ordered

Kupferquelle is located in the Namibian town of Tsumeb. With a number of chalets and campsites, you’re sure to experience the relaxation you’re looking for while being able to enjoy the locals and all the town has to offer. If … Read More

Things to do in Tsumeb when you only have one day

Tsumeb, the picturesque town where Kupferquelle Resort is located, has a number of tourist attractions for its visitors. As we have mentioned in an earlier post, even our business visitors enjoy extending their stay, to absorb the natural beauty, and … Read More

Meet the National Monument of Namibia, the Baobab tree

The best option for accommodation in Tsumeb is Kupferquelle Resort where affordable luxury welcomes you with an extensive choice in stay options ranging from charming chalets to camping sites set in lush greenery with every possible facility you could want. … Read More

Enjoy cultural tourism in Tsumeb

If you were planning to explore tourist activities in Tsumeb, your list would be incomplete without a visit to the Tsumeb Cultural Village, the Bushmen cultural village in Tsintsabis and Tsumeb’s Art and Craft Centre. The capital town of the Oshikoto … Read More

Visit the Hoba meteorite – the world’s largest meteorite

Conveniently accessible from Kupferquelle Resort, the Hoba meteorite is one of the numerous tourist activities close to Tsumeb and a pleasant day trip away where you can pack in a tour of the famous meteorite and a leisurely picnic. Just 75 … Read More

Visit the Etosha National Park from Kupferquelle Resort

Etosha National Park is a unique destination and among the most accessible and enjoyable game reserves in Namibia. Conveniently located in close proximity, is Kupferquelle Resort, the best accommodation close to Etosha, giving you the ideal base for a day … Read More

Tsumeb Museum | A must-see tourist activity in Tsumeb

One of the greatest things about taking a trip is getting to see new places, learning about new cultures and of course, enjoying a break from the routine and returning, refreshed. Kupferquelle Resort offers the perfect getaway with its choice … Read More

Lake Otjikoto, a major tourist attraction in Tsumeb

There are several tourist activities in and around Tsumeb, some of which include the Etosha National Park, the Tsumeb Museum, the Arts and Crafts Center, the cultural village in Tsintsabis, the Hoba Meteorite, Ghaub Caves, the Baobab Tree, the Guinas … Read More